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The President of Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has held a work meeting with the head of the Kuibyshev railroad Sergey Kobzev on August 11 in Ufa

The chairman of the State Council-Kurultay-RB Constantine Tolkatchev opened his blog in Live Journal ( on August 11.


The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov: I create the environment for initiative and enterprise


The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov wants to see the Republic economically well-developed and ready to overcome any obstacles. Rustem Khamitov has told to Russia 24 in his interview on August 11 what are his first steps on this office new for him going to be and how the work of the new Government is to be built up. Along with the investment problems and certain isolation we still face the problem of the awakening of the initiatives of the people, living in Republic of Bashkortostan, the head of the Republic mentioned. I am sure that only people, able to display certain initiatives and working in the legal sphere, can raise the economics of the Republic Rustem Khamitov underscored.


Rustem Khamitov held a meeting with the editor-in-chiefs of the Republican newspapers


The meeting of the President RB Rustem Khamitov with the editor-in-chiefs of the main Republican newspapers has taken place in the Republic House on August 4.
The editor-in-chief of the newspaper Republic of Bashkortostan Tatiana Syrvatcheva, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Bashkortostan Ralif Kinzyabaev, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper KYZYL TAN Fail Fatkhtdinov and the deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper Evening Ufa Iluza Kapkaeva participated in the gathering.


Business meeting of the German delegation with the representatives of business circles RB is held in Ufa


The business meeting of the German delegation with the representatives of the business circles RB has taken place in the Ministry of industry, investment and innovational policy RB today. The information about social-economic potential RB, introduced by the deputy minister of economic development RB Edward Aznabaev, turned out to be very useful for the participants of the gathering. By the main macroeconomic indices our Republic stands in the Top 10 of Russian regions and holds the leading positions in the rating of investment attractiveness. Bashkortostan maintains external economic relations with 98 countries and Germany is one of our main trade partners. The external trade circulation with this European country made up 58,6 million euro but raw materials make up the lions share of our export so everybody hopes to alter this situation as soon as possible.


The company Vityaz from Ishimbay is a prize-winner of the contest The best exporter of the branch


JSC The machine-building company Vityaz from Bashkir town of Ishimbay a daughter company of the Chelyabinsk tractor plant is announced one of the prize-winners of the contest The best exporter of the branch. The company from Ishimbay is the only producer of the two-section amphibian caterpillar cross-country vehicles Vityaz. These machines face stable demand, being irreplaceable under the lack of roads and in the marshlands. In 1994 the cross-country vehicles Vityaz were marked with the State Award RF in sphere of science and technique.



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